Continuous  Ink  Supply  System


HP Business Inkjet 1200


Installation  Instruction



For ST Prefilled Version


With Auto Reset Chips




This Version of the Continuous Ink Flow System comes with Prefilled

Cartridges and Auto Reset Chips. You just need to fill the Reservoir bottles and print! The whole operation is very easy. It’s really an effective tool to save your money.







CIS for HP Business Inkjet 1200 Instruction


Thank you for purchasing ST Continuous Ink Supply System. We appreciate your support and will try our best to make your experience with our products a pleasant one. Printing has been a different experience ever since you installed ST Continuous Ink Supply system on your own printer. Just imagining being able to print without regard to the ink level in those expensive little cartridges.


Please take your time installing ST Continuous Ink Supply system. Do not remove your old cartridge until you have the ST CIS system primed and ready to install (to prevent the drying of heads). In addition, make sure you are getting perfect nozzle checks before installing the ST CIS system. The ST CIS system won’t be able to work properly if the nozzles are previously clogged.


Most people get a perfect nozzle check the first time after installing the ST Continuous Ink Supply system; others may need to run two or three cleaning cycles or let the printer sit for a while before they get the perfect results.


1General Guide:


1) Components


ACIS system  1 set       B Air filters      4pcs     CSupport Arm   1 set

DRefill Kit    4 pcs       EInstruction CD  1pc




2) Opening box inspection


aCheck whether all the accessories are ready.

bCheck whether there's the leakage of the CISS, whether some tubes have been separated from the CISS, whether there are air bubbles in the tube (If there exists more than 20CM air space, please kindly to contact with the local dealer)


2Printer testing:


1) Check whether the printer is in normal condition, like mechanical status, lubrication status etc.

2) Print testing lines to ensure the printing head is good condition.

3) Print pictures to see whether the printing image is ok.




3Installation Procedures:


1)      First step



Put the CISS on the left side       Pull out the small rubber plug       Place 4pcs of air filters into                               

of the printer. In the meantime      from the air hole as above         air holes, the thicker side

place all the tubes at correct        picture shown.                   is down into tank.



2) Second step: Set up the Continuous Ink Supply System



Open cover for Inkjet cartridges    Remove the original cartridges    Insert our no-sponge cartridge

into printer carefully



Slightly press every cartridge to check all the cartridges are in the correct position. Please be careful with the tubes which go out from Cartridge Carrier. Then stick the Support Arm on the position which shown in the third picture. 



    Clip the tube clamp                    Finished

3) Third step: Checking the printing head















Enter in the Printer Services panel and print a Demo Page.


If there shows any breaks (maybe it caused by air bubbles in the printing head), please clean your printing head. If it is still shown little breaks, especially only for one color, it is unnecessary to repeatedly clean printer-head. Just keep the printer unuse for about one hour and print a Demo Page again. If it is still abnormal, please kindly contact local dealer.


4Reset Procedure:




If the indicator light flashing when printing, it tells that you need to reset the chip to full status. Please turn off your printer for about 30 seconds and switch it back on. Ink meter bar shall show full ink. You can start printing as usual.


5Refill Ink:




Please pay attention to the ink level in the reservoirs; if the ink level is below 1CM as the above picture shown, please use refill kits to fill ink into Reservoir bottles. Carefully pull out the rubber plugs from the refill holes.(there is possibility of ink spattering. Be careful!) Refill ink according to the color in short supply. Then put the rubber back. (Please keep the printer and the reservoir at the same horizontal line during the process of refilling ink.)

6Attention for maintenance:


Take out the CISS including the inner cartridges and other components. Then remove support arm from printer, and place the original cartridges in. Please inquire local dealer before sending to maintenance.




1. Please don’t take out cartridge at random after installing the CIS system. Keep the reservoir bottles on the same level with the printer.

2. Try to keep at least 1/2 inch of ink in the bottles, as you don’t want to run out of ink and draw air into the cartridge.

3. Don’t place the Reservoir Bottles higher or lower much than the printer.

4. To be used in a dry place between 15 and 35 degree. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

5. Don’t put the continuous ink supply systems reversed or leaning during the shipment. Please make sure all the ink filling holes and Ventilation holes are closed tightly during the transportation. Otherwise, the ink shall leak out.

6. Don’t sway the cartridge frequently. It may cause ink leakage.

7. Don’t pull out the connector of cartridge and don’t tear off adhesive tape at the bottom of cartridge.




1. Not drinkable; keep it out reach of children.

2. Avoid exposure to direct sunshine and don’t keep it in high or freezing temperature.

3. Avoid collision and fallen down.